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Pixel Me has a blog! Finally!

It has only taken us a while to get a regular blog going on the Pixel Me site. But who can blame us? We enjoy being behind the camera and having you in front of it so finding time to write regular posts and updates to our fans has been challenging.

However it is safe to say that you can start expecting some create posts from us. If you are not already on our news letter then signup below.

It has been crazy here at the studio since we started offering our Shoot Me Wednesdays for free. As you know, we try to have a different theme for each one. Last week was “Suicide Squad” and David had a blast take photos of some stunning ladies in their outfits.

Check out the Themed gallery for a few pics from Sheree as Harley Quinn. It was amazing!

This week it is a pinup theme. As always, space is limited so fill in the form on the Free Shoot page as early as possible if you want to join us.

Have a great weekend further and contact us if you need any particular photos done!

Advice for your next photo moment!

If you would like some great advice every now and again on how to assist in creating the best photos then leave your email and name below.

I will also keep you informed if we run any promotional photography session that you can take advantage of. These are normally very limited and first come first serve so getting in early is key.

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