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I believe that all moments are little events in time that need to be cherished. It is what makes us who we are after all. 


Our life journey. What I do is create art. A masterpiece that you can enjoy for years to come. My specialties are capturing family moments in a slice of time, whether it be in a portrait, on the sports field, or for any reason that you feel a particular event is important to you because it is.


My partner is a model portfolio specialist, 12 years in the industry, with a lot of experience in creating the perfect memory. He’s creative view and understanding will make your portfolio stand out.  We don’t offer just any package since we feel it cheapens the experience, and the experience is what creating art is all about. Instead, we provide unique shoots with purpose, All our shoots are at least an hour long. Sometimes we have to wait for that perfect photo moment. 


On our Packages page, you will find many different ideas and shoots to choose from. We can offer you a variety of packages, some with prints, canvases and others in a digital format.


Advice for your next photo moment!

If you would like some great advice every now and again on how to assist in creating the best photos then leave your email and name below.

I will also keep you informed if we run any promotional photography session that you can take advantage of. These are normally very limited and first come first serve so getting in early is key.

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Types of Photography

Model, Sports, Events, Family and Other

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Richard or David – Bookings@pixelme.cf 

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